A survivors real take on what it is like to live with severe trauma and mental illness.

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What’s Been Going On

In this post I’m going to talk about how my life has been going. It’s been really crazy. I’ve been struggling through therapy and the new realizations that come with it. I’ve also been busy with Dr. appointments. So when it comes to therapy, I’m not going to go into it all that much. JustContinue reading “What’s Been Going On”

Let’s Talk Diagnosis

Today I wanted to take an in depth look at my diagnosis and what symptoms I get. I want to be open about what it is like to live with what I do for anyone else out there struggling. What we have to do first is to take a look at my diagnosis. I haveContinue reading “Let’s Talk Diagnosis”


In the past few posts I have focused on my past, so today I want to focus on my healing. Specifically what it looks like now because it has changed as I have went through my 12 years of healing. I have a therapist which is typical. People go to therapy all the time. MineContinue reading “Healing”

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